About Us

MIGUEL SMITH, Bodyboarder and illustrator.

Miguel Smith is a Peruvian illustrator who from a very young age practices Bodyboard, a sport that has influenced him from the early 1990s to create his drawings and works. In recent years he has devoted himself to illustration and digital painting creating a wide collection of works related to Bodyboard and Surfing. Having already carried out several projects on request with some brands and people who like their art all over the world.
The ocean, nature and sports related to them inspire their creations, seeking a simple and explicit art that represents the soul of the sea.
Co-founder of KingSoul Clothing, a brand that rescues the essence of Bodyboard and Surf with a very graphic and artistic proposal in every garment and product, seeking to offer more than just "another surf brand" for people who really love what they do.
KingSoul Clothing presents each Miguel Smith piece of art printed in excellent quality garments with a new Digital Screen Printing System (DTG) that manages to capture every detail of his art and capture it on the fabric with an incredible definition, making each product a canvas.